Positioning itself as a leader in rapid generation of new building blocks for the life science and biosensor industry, Paragos caters to the chemical requirements of a wide spectrum of customers ranging from pharmaceutical, biotech, chemical and agro-based industries to chemical departments of universities and institutes. Our products are primarily utilized in research and organic synthesis.

Our Catalog of Advance Intermediates was introduced in 2001 to support efforts in medicinal and combinatorial chemistry. Our goal was to provide new building blocks, including those known in the literature but not readily available, that can help solve some of the problems occurring in drug discovery. Typically, these problems surround protein-binding, enhance solubility in physiological media, and/or modified P450 metabolic processes. Paragos hopes to fill this niche using a concise progression of core structures, containing minimally two functional groups for orthogonal elaboration, which will be synthetic linchpins for new bioactive compounds.

We offer a full-scale service to our customers, namely:

1. Quick turn around time
2. Large stock of chemicals
3. Analogs can be custom synthesized on demand
4. Scale up of target compounds upon request


  • Bestmann-Ohira-Reagent:

    One of the smartest ways to prepare Alkyns takes only one step.

    This very attractive reagent was so far not commercially available, but now we can offer it from our stock in quantities up to 500 g. (Cat.-Nr.: 40364)

  • Special offer:


    1g for only 60€

    5g for only 198€

    10g for only 298€

  • Service:

    On request, we can send you the Paragos catalogue as an Excel spreadsheet.


We will help you:

  • find a cost effective alternative for screening your bibliography of compounds.

  • identify Building blocks and realize them.

  • functionalize our compounds to your individually need.

  • buy our catalogue compounds in a fast and reliable manner.