Welcome to Paragos

Paragos, established in 1999, has been a preferred supplier of laboratory chemicals in the global market for over a decade. We are located in Herdecke, in the heart of the Ruhr industrial region of north-western Germany.

Our technical expertise and know-how facilitate the production of the most unusual structural components and furthermore, we can functionalize our catalogue compounds to meet your individual needs.

Our knowledge and experience in synthesizing fluorescent markers, peptides and biotin labelled compounds has grown rapidly over the last ten years distinguishing us as specialists in the field of medicinal, pharmaceutical and bio chemistry.

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  • Bestmann-Ohira-Reagent:

    One of the smartest ways to prepare Alkyns takes only one step.

    This very attractive reagent was so far not commercially available, but now we can offer it from our stock in quantities up to 500 g. (Cat.-Nr.: 40364)

  • Special offer:


    1g for only 60€

    5g for only 198€

    10g for only 298€

  • Service:

    On request, we can send you the Paragos catalogue as an Excel spreadsheet.